Direct Source Curation

Tundra’s Direct Source solution leverages your brand’s equity with intelligent direct sourcing technology, delivering significant cost and time-savings. Tundra’s partner, TalentNet, is a global leader in the Direct Source space, building a fully secure, VMS integrated, client-branded talent community.

Find Out Why Tundra Is A Leader In Direct Source Curation

Talent Talks explores Tundra’s innovative approach to direct sourcing and curation to save clients time, money, and attract the best talent.

Total Talent Management At Your Fingertips

Publish new roles on the top job boards and browse applicants instantly with TalentNet’s API-driven software. Let us build your talent community to maintain and curate a dynamic source of skilled workers familiar to your organization. Reengage former contractors, silver medalists, retirees, and attract new talent all in one simple solution.

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Tundra’s curation team uses industry leading direct sourcing technology to engage and deploy applicants more efficiently to provide significant savings compared to traditional recruitment strategies.

We Go Beyond For Our Clients

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